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Then you get sad (but you get over it)



Do what you must, do what you will
I’m not certain i have much more time here left to kill
take what you need, you’ve had your say
I just can’t fathom why you’d want to throw it all away
I’ve made my mistakes, no doubt you have too
and now were just pretending that there’s nothing left to do
we don’t really say goodbye, you just go away

There was a time, i remember when
you asked me if i thought you funny and time and time again
the laughter was real, and so were you
wondering should i pour my heart out now that we are through
but i have regrets, my doubts and my fears
been through my mind a hundred million times between the tears
it’s all been said before, so you just go away

It’s sadly strange, that the love you had could somehow fall apart
and more, the love i have for you here in my heart
won’t just go away

It’s the end of our song, the end of the show
no curtain call, can’t even leave ‘em laughin’ when we go
and there’s no kiss goodbye, you just go away
no we don’t really say goodbye, you just go away